Camera Obscura Performance

Miklós Bölcskey:
Camera Obscura Performance

12-13 May 2009
Crash!Boom!Bau! Festival, Jena

23 August 2009, 18.00–20.00
outside Budapest Kunsthalle

In his performance Bölcskey involves the audience to create the dark space for the image: he asks participants to hold a large tarp, black at the outside surface. It is in this space that the fl eeting images of the outside world become visible as they are projected on smoke, a translucent material or a bottle, or simply on the internal- white part of the trap. These interesting, anamorphic images of reality can even be recorded with a digital camera, establishing a curious relationship between darkness, light and vision, and the laws of physics on the one hand and digital technology on the other, a method that dispenses with the century-old procedure of developing images that are wrapped in darkness.