Workshop 3

Third session of the workshop series in Budapest bauhaus lab

3 – 4 April 2009
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department
H-1063 Budapest, Kmety Gy. utca 27.

Workshop chaired by:
Dr. Tanja Siems & Theo Lorenz (Architectural Association) and Jan Brüggemeier (Theaterhaus Jena)

Participating, invited artists:
Gábor Áfrány, Miklós Bölcskey, Edina Cecília Horváth, k27 group, Ádám Lendvai, Katarina Ševi?, Beatrix Szörényi, Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.

The following third session of workshop series will be chaired by the Dr. Tanja Siems & Theo Lorenz (Architectural Association) and Jan Brüggemeier (Theaterhaus Jena). They are going to present in details the current activities in London and Jena bauhaus labs and will get involved in the Moholy-Nagy inspired work following the concept of connecting the simultaneous or polyfilm idea that Moholy-Nagy discusses in his well-known book Painting, photography, film and his classic Light-space modulator (Lichtrequisit, Light Prop) that will hopefully result in a newly built device that aids to explore yet undiscovered territories of self expression related to moving image. We named it the polyfilm modulator. The joined session of the three labs will also allow planning in details the collective aspects of the Crash!Boom!Bau! Festival in Jena.